Dealing with the authorities doesn’t have to be a headache. We’ve drawn together some of the essential things you’ll need to get sorted as you set up in Dublin.

Dealing with the council? Here’s our handy guide to the city council’s services. Organising a visa? Here’s advice on the type that you’ll need and for it. Want to get on the road? Here’s the lowdown on getting licensed and making sure your vehicle is road legal.

Municipal services

Dublin’s four local authorities provide a host of services to make the city and county a great place to live. Each authority provides the same essential services, simply catering to its own constituency. You can find out more about each authority by visiting their individual websites: Dublin City Council Tel: 01 222 2222 Email: Fingal County Council Tel:

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Immigration visas

Ireland is a welcoming country. Citizens of many countries do not need a visa to enter. Those that do will find that the process is simple and straightforward. The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) administers migration into and out of the Republic. So, what’s involved? Visa-free travel UK Citizens Under the Common Travel Area (CTA) arrangement, UK citizens are entitled to move to and live in Ireland without conditions or restrictions. Since the UK voted to leave the EU (Brexit), the British and Irish governments have signed an agreement that formally outlines the provisions

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Highly skilled migrants

Ireland maintains a highly skilled eligible occupations list – a desideratum of the types of workers that the country needs to continue to prosper. Critical Skills Employment Permits seek to attract people with these skills by offering preferential immigration and support to get set up once you’re here. Benefits include immediate family reunification through the Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service and employment permits for family members who choose to move. (Changes announced in 2019 mean that that spouses and partners of permit holders will themselves be granted immediate and full access to the Irish labour market without the need for a separate employment permit.) Applicants for the permit do not have to satisfy the Labour Market Needs Test.

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Driving licence & cars

Getting on the road in Ireland is relatively straightforward. You will, of course, need a driver’s licence. The National Driver Licence Service is responsible for licencing drivers in Ireland. If you’ve got a vehicle, you’ll need to make sure that it’s taxed and insured. What’s involved? Do I need to get an Irish driver’s licence? EU & EEA Licences Drivers with an EU or EEA member state licence need never change to an Irish licence. If they wish to exchange their licence for an Irish one, they must do so within 10 years

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