As with any international move, there’s a lot to consider before moving to Dublin. Where do you want to live? Will you already have a job, or will you be looking for one? How do you find the right schools for your children? How will you transport your pet? Luckily for you, we have answered some of the biggest questions you’ll have on your mind.

Move to Dublin: 10 steps

1. Figure out the entry requirements Firstly, you need to check if you need a visa (and if so, what type) to gain entry to Ireland. Make sure you tick all the boxes before making your way here. 2. Start the house hunt There’s no getting around the fact that housing is in short supply in Dublin. Booming employment opportunities are attracting many domestic and international newcomers to the city – and they all need somewhere to live.

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Bringing your pet

There are a number of different factors to consider when planning to bring your pet to Ireland: 1. Your country of origin EU countries Pet dogs, cats and ferrets from EU member states can travel freely within other EU member states, once they have an up-to-date EU Pet Passport. If bringing more than five animals, you must have a veterinary cert to prove that each has been examined within the previous 48 hours. Non-EU countries Cats, dogs and ferrets from outside EU member s

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