As anyone who has ever been to Dublin will tell you, we’ve got a vibrant nightlife scene. As the sun sets on the Liffey and darkness sets in, restaurants, bars and cafés fill with people looking to enjoy a brilliant evening out.


If you’re looking for a jar (Dublin slang for a drink, typically a pint), you’ll probably already know about Temple Bar which is located by the river on the south side. You’ll find lots of pubs and restaurants and it’s an area popular with tourists. If you’re looking for traditional music, there are a wealth of older pubs in the city, where you’ll find groups playing a session. On the other hand, if you’d like more modern decor and the chance of a cocktail, areas such as South William Street, Georges Street, Camden Street and Harcourt Street might suit you better.

Pubs open Monday to Thursday 10.30am with last orders at 11.30pm. Friday & Saturday last orders are at 12.30am. On Sunday, pubs open at 12pm and last orders at 11pm.

Late bars and nightclubs

Looking for a dance? Most late bars and nightclubs around the city serve last orders at 2.30am but there are a number of exceptions. You can expect to pay a cover charge in certain places too.

Psycho Killer - Ukulele Tuesday

A ukulele based group jamming session which takes place upstairs in The Stag's Head, every Tuesday.

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