Your guide to studying in Dublin.

Dublin is the vibrant and exciting capital of Ireland. With all the amenities and activities a student could wish for – plus a fantastic location – it’s the perfect place to study.

Approximately 25,000 students from outside Ireland attend publicly-funded colleges annually and this figure is likely to rise. Meanwhile more than 100,000 students a year come to Dublin to learn English at the city’s many English-language schools.

Where you can study

Dublin’s higher-education offering is amongst the best in Europe. The city’s heritage as a place of learning stretches back to the 16th century; since then Dublin’s students and teachers have pioneered advances in disciplines as diverse as medicine, atomic physics and literature. More recently the city’s educators have also excelled in the area of business, technology and digital innovation. Top Universities includes four Dublin universities in its world ranking – the city itself features in its list of ‘best student cit

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Plan your study

Visas, fees, course entry requirements… there’s a lot of things to think about before you make your study trip. But don’t panic – with a little bit of preparation you won’t have to deal with any surprises. To help you get ready, check out the pages below.

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Future job prospects

You’re coming to study in Dublin? Great! But what are your plans when you graduate? It’s worth keeping in mind that Dublin offers new graduates a lot of exciting opportunities. The world’s largest and most dynamic companies have made a home here, thanks to the city’s business-friendly environment, proximity to Europe, and rich cultural heritage. Meanwhile, home-grown corporations are finding success abroad. Morgan McKinley, a recruitment consultancy, publishes a monthly employment monitor that tracks the number of professional job vacancies against the number of p

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Student Life

The appeal of studying in Dublin – apart from the world-class universities – is this vibrant and storied city itself. Few other places can boast such a dense constellation of cultural attractions, social activities, sporting facilities, and options for retail therapy. It’s a safe place to live too. Read on for everything you need to know about making the most of Dublin while you’re here.

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