Hoping to study in Dublin? Here’s our simple step-by-step guide. It’ll help you keep stress levels to a minimum in the run-up to your move.

1) Choose your course

Check out the [link]list of universities and colleges in Dublin[/link]. Investigate the courses that you’re interested in and make sure you can meet the entry requirements. Attend an open day if you can – it will give you a feel for student life on campus.

2) Apply and accept

Found your course? Apply as soon as possible. In most cases you’ll be sent a letter of offer. You need to accept this to be officially enrolled. Procedures may vary so make sure you’re familiar with the enrolment process at your chosen college.

3) Find out if you need a visa

If you’re a non-EU/EEA student, you’ll have to apply for a visa. You’ll also have to register with the Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service (INIS) within a month of arriving in Ireland. You can check out [link]everything you need to know about visas and INIS here[/link].

4) Book your flight

Lots of airlines fly to Dublin with the airport being the home base for both Aer Lingus and Ryanair. Book as early as you can to keep costs down. Travel insurance is always a good idea in case you have to change your plans.

5) Pack essential documents

Your passport, obviously. And an original copy your birth certificate. If you’re planning to drive a car in Dublin, you can find out about driving licences.

6) Start looking for a place to live

It can take some time to find your new home in Dublin. So the sooner you start to look the better. You can find out [link]about student housing[/link] and [link]Dublin’s various districts[/link].

7) Organise fee payment and open an Irish bank account

Make sure you [link]pay your tuition fees[/link] when and how your college requires you to. You’ll need to [link]open an Irish bank account[/link] while you’re here.

8) Learn some Dublinese

Everyone in Dublin speaks English. But there are a few phrases that might require a bit of translation. ‘Grand’ means ‘Okay’ and is used by Irish people on a daily basis. Example: ‘How are things?’ ‘Grand, yourself?’ ‘Ah, grand’. ‘Story?’, well that means ‘what are you up to today?’. Example: ‘Story with yourself?’ ‘Ah, I’m off to visit the granny. Chat to ya after.’ We’ll let Dublin based sketch comedy group Foil Arms & Hog give you the full rundown:

9) Head for the airport

Looks like you’re all set. Keep an eye for the Poolbeg Towers on your descent into Dublin and go dté tú slán (safe travels in Irish)!