Dublin’s higher education offering is amongst the best in Europe. The city’s heritage as a place of learning stretches back to the 16th century; since then Dublin’s students and teachers have pioneered advances in disciplines as diverse as medicine, atomic physics and literature.

More recently the city’s educators have also excelled in the area of business, technology and digital innovation. Three Dublin universities currently appear in the TES Young Universities listing.


Approximately 100,000 students in total attend the Dublin region’s five universities. The oldest, Trinity, is in the heart if the city. Three of the others are in the suburbs and one is located in the town of Maynooth, about 25km from the city centre. While each have their particular strengths, between them they offer courses in everything from astrophysics to zoology. Courses in business, tech, law and the humanities are all popular choices. Trinity College Dublin (TCD) Trinity College Dublin (TCD), the sole college of the University of Dublin, was established in 1592. I

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Colleges & Institutes of Technology

A number of public colleges in Dublin cater for the study of teaching, law, medicine, art and music. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland is a professional and educational institution that accredits surgeons in a range of specialties throughout the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. It educates over 3,000 students from 60 countries. It has been training surgeons in Dublin since 1784 and has opened campuses in Bahrain, Dubai and Malaysia.

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Private colleges & language schools

In addition to Dublin’s publicly funded colleges there are a number of private institutions which also provide higher level education. Dublin is also a popular choice for students who want to learn English; Ireland as a whole hosted almost 125,000 English-language students in 2016. Dublin Business School (DBS) Dublin Business School is the largest independent college in Ireland. It provides courses in business, law, accounting, event management, IT, the arts, media studies and psychology. It offers support for international students, including immigration requireme

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