Professional services such as law, accounting, R&D, marketing and management consulting are well represented in Dublin. The sector accounts for 8.5% of total employment in Ireland and positive trends in its growth are expected to continue. In particular, demand for research and development, advertising, real estate, legal, finance and marketing services is forecast to show significant growth.

Dublin is considered a centre of excellence for business services and there is a substantial and growing global business services sector in the city. Many leading global players have set up European hubs here, attracted by the availability of skilled talent, excellent infrastructure, tax incentives and strategic location.

More information on the sector is available from the IDA.

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Logistics and Storage

As an export-driven economy on the periphery of Europe and the home of the European or EMEA headquarters for many global players, the transport and logistics sector is a significant and growing sector in Dublin. As the economy continues to grow and the shift to online retail continues, logistics and storage is expected to be the fastest growing employment sector in Dublin over the coming decade. This will be driven by demand for both passenger and freight transport and associated activities, including storage and courier services. The sector currently accounts for about 5.5% of total employment. Trends are predicted to spur demand for business managers, drivers, plant operators and

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High-quality tech and multilingual talent is readily available in Dublin. Add to this a rich tech startup ecosystem, 9 out of the top 10 global tech companies, a supportive business ecosystem including technology and research centres and an excellent quality of life and it’s easy to see how Dublin provides the perfect base to thrive. Why Ireland for Tech: 8 of the top ten Global software Companies 9 of the top ten US Technology Companies Top 3 Global Enterprise Software Companies 4 of the top 5 IT Services Companies

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