State Funding & Supports

There is an extensive range of state supports available to companies choosing to base themselves in Dublin.

Foreign direct investment

For both established and emerging multinationals, the highly successful and long-established semi-state agency IDA provides a comprehensive range of services to overseas companies who are looking to establish or expand their operations in Dublin. From arranging introductions within government and industry to providing grants and other investment incentives, the IDA is your key partner for all aspects of your move to Dublin.

Enterprise Ireland is the government organisation responsible for funding and supporting new inward investment to Ireland in food manufacturing and innovation – including all food sectors, beverages, and animal nutrition.

For high potential international startups, Enterprise Ireland is your main partner agency for funding and support. Learn about its wide range of support programmes and funding available for startups.

Irish-owned companies

Enterprise Ireland is also responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets. Amongst the support services that it offers to Irish-owned companies are funding, mentoring, training, assistance with forming collaborations for R&D initiatives and networking with overseas customers.

The four Dublin-based Local Enterprise Offices (CitySouth DublinDún Laoghaire-RathdownFingal) support startups and micro-enterprises of 10 or fewer employees. It can provide grants and other funding options to eligible businesses as well as mentoring, training and other supports.

Irish-owned high-potential startups can avail of funding and support from Enterprise Ireland.

Other Sources of Funding

Finance is available from Irish banks like Allied Irish Bank, Bank of Ireland, Ulster Bank, KBC and Permanent TSB.

Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland
The Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI) is a strategic SME funding company. Its goal is to ensure access to flexible, lower cost funding for SMEs to create a competitive and dynamic SME sector.

Microfinance Ireland
Microfinance Ireland provides small loans of €2,000 to €25,000 to startups and microenterprise through the Irish Government’s Microenterprise Loan Fund.

The Ireland Strategic Investment Fund
The Ireland Strategic Investment Fund has a statutory mandate to invest on a commercial basis in a manner designed to support economic activity and employment in Ireland.

Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund
The Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund is intended for industry, academics, innovators and entrepreneurs who have an interest in the development of disruptive technologies.

SME Credit Guarantee Scheme
The SME Credit Guarantee Scheme exists to help companies that cannot access credit. You can apply for the scheme by approaching a participating bank: Ulster Bank, Bank of Ireland and AIB. While loans under the scheme are guaranteed by the Irish State, the lenders make all decisions on lending.

Employment Investment Incentive (EII)
The Employment Investment Incentive (EII) is a tax relief incentive provided to assist companies to raise finance which will enable them to allow them to expand and create or retain jobs.

Venture Capital

There are many venture capital firms that can assist in funding your business in Dublin. These include:

Venture capital firms


Crowdfunding has grown over the last few years as a source of financing startups and SMEs. Unregulated as yet in Ireland, regulation is expected shortly.

Some of the current Dublin-based crowdfunding platforms for businesses include Spark CrowdfundingLinked Finance and FundIt.

A wide range of Business supports are available from Research and Technology Centres, Business Networks, Industry Associations and Business Meetups.

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