Dublin has a reputation internationally for being a start-up-friendly city. The small size of the city and its open, welcoming attitude provides both international and Irish entrepreneurs with easy access to relevant decision makers and a very supportive and connected start-up ecosystem. No wonder then that, with a low level of corporate tax and minimum red tape, the World Bank ranks Ireland in the top 10 countries worldwide (2018), to start a business.

How to start a business

Not only does Ireland’s unique strategic location make it the perfect gateway to Europe and the US, it has also been ranked the best country in Europe for startups by smallbusinessprices.co.uk. In Dublin, you will have access to a young, diverse, highly educated and highly skilled workforce, both Irish and International, who enjoy a great quality of life. Dublin is particularly well set-up for start-up businesses, with many supports both financial and non-financial in place, especially for those introducing a new or innovative product or service to international markets.

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Accelerators & incubators

Give your start-up a head-start with accelerators and incubators Dublin is acknowledged as being home to some of the best accelerator and incubator programmes in Europe. These enable entrepreneurs to meet with like-minded people and provide the structure, skills, investment and support they need to prove, launch and scale-up their businesses. Accelerator programmes give developing companies access to industry-specific mentors, potential investors and other supports that will help them to build their start-up. One of Dublin’s most well-known accelerators is NDRC, based in the Liberties area of the city.

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