An exceptional workforce

Ireland ranks first in the world for productivity in Industry and first for flexibility and adaptability, according to the 2018 IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook. These rankings are due in part to the multinational companies currently operating in Dublin and their employees – who number in excess of 90,000.

Ireland has the youngest population in Europe. A third of the population is under 25 years old and almost a half under the age of 34. It’s not just the sheer number of potential workers that’s impressive, but their education. Ireland has one of the most educated workforces in the world. Over half of Ireland’s 25-34 year olds have a third-level qualification (compared to an EU average of 40%).

The population’s skill is a priority and a source of pride for the Irish government. Ireland’s education system ranks in the top 10 globally for quality, providing a university education that meets the needs of a competitive economy. With the aim of making its education and training the best in Europe by 2026, Ireland is implementing a comprehensive and forward-looking ‘National Skills Strategy and Action Plan for Education’.

In keeping with the government’s commitment to R&D, investment intended to boost numbers of research personnel by 60% is also underway (source: FDI Intelligence report 2018/2019).

International talent

International talent forms a key part of Dublin’s workforce. It is attracted to the city not just for the many career-progressing opportunities it provides, but also for the excellent work-life balance available here. Dublin’s small size, its friendly and open people, diverse cultural offerings a laid-back lifestyle all contribute to the city’s appeal for skilled international workers.

According to the Dublin Economic Monitor, Ireland ranks seventh in the world for attracting and retaining global talent (the top five are in Switzerland and the Nordics; the sixth is Washington DC). The report explains that the top-ranking cities combine the quality of life, education opportunities and a global view of business with development opportunities.

TechLife Ireland

TechLife Ireland is a government initiative focusing on employment in the tech sector. Its website is a valuable resource for people working, or seeking to work, in tech who are considering moving to Ireland. TechLife also provides information on visas for postgraduate students looking for employment in Ireland who are from outside the EU.

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