Since the 1950s, Ireland has pursued a vision of ‘industrialisation by invitation’ by creating a welcoming business environment. The country’s strong legal and regulatory landscape also contributes to its reputation as an attractive and stable place to do business.

EU and Eurozone membership, a young, well-educated, English-speaking workforce and a competitive corporate tax rate have enticed thousands of international companies to set-up shop here. According to the IDA, one-third of MNCs in Ireland have had operations here for over 20 years, a clear demonstration of MNC’s commitment to Ireland.

The result has been huge inflows of foreign direct investment on a sustained basis, especially from the United States. American firms make up 70% of total foreign direct investment inflows to Ireland, Europe contributes 20%, while the rest is made up of companies from other parts of the world.

Today, Foreign Direct Investment in the capital is booming. The biggest names in business are right here.


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Big Names in Financial Services, Banking and Business Consultancy

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