Life in Dublin is varied, energetic and comfortable. This compact city has everything you need, either on your doorstep or a short trip away via a comprehensive public transport and roads network. The people are friendly, the culture is rich and the history is fascinating. Here’s everything you need to know.

Life in Dublin

Compact and easy to navigate; mild no matter the season; filled with history, energy and opportunity: there are a lot of reasons Dubliners love the Fair City. But if there’s one reason to move here, it has to be the people – we’re some of the friendliest in the world!

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Official procedures

Dealing with the authorities doesn’t have to be a headache. We’ve drawn together some of the essential things you’ll need to get sorted as you set up in Dublin. Dealing with the council? Here’s our handy guide to the city council’s services. Organising a visa? Here’s advice on the type that you’ll need and for it. Want to get on the road? Here’s the lowdown on getting licensed and making sure your vehicle is

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Settling in

17% of people currently living in Dublin were born outside of Ireland; as the city’s international population continues to grow, the rich array of activities, cuisines and events on offer has expanded in kind. So whatever your interest, you’re sure to find others to share it with. If you’re missing home, it won’t be difficult to find food, festivals and friends from your own country in Dublin. Rest assured that you’ll be able to practice your religion freely here too. The Pew Research Centre has found that the Republic of

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The Irish are mad about sports and Dubliners are no different. The three most popular sports in Ireland, by attendance at senior games, are Gaelic games (Gaelic football and hurling), soccer (commonly referred to as ‘football’) and rugby. But a huge variety of other sports are also played across the county and country. Sports clubs tend to be very community-orientated and are a great way of meeting like-minded people, either as an individual or as a family. Whether your children participate in sport, you take part yourself or you volunteer to help out, getting involved with your local club will really help you settle-in to Dublin. We’ve listed the most popular sports a

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Live Stories

Spotlighting cultural spaces, food & drink offerings, shopping & sporting experiences, our Live stories show you the best of Dublin.

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This is what the new white-water rafting attraction at Dublin’s IFSC will look like

Construction work on Dublin's world-class white-water rafting attraction is expected to get under way next year. New digital images and videos show what the amenity will look like once it's up and running. Two weeks ago, councillors gave the green light to the facility to be developed on George's Dock in the IFSC on a site previously used to host events like Oktoberfest. The white-water course is designed for use as a tourist attraction and by sports clubs but will also be made available to Dublin Fire Brigade and other emergency services as a training resource. It is expected to draw thousands of visitors on an annual basis. The team behind Smart Cities, an arm of Dublin City Council which looks at developing Dublin using new and innovative technologies, has produced a 3D vision of what the white-water rafting course will look like as part of its Smart Docklands project. The video shows an inner reservoir of water surrounded by the white-water rafting course. Cafes already located along the CHQ building will overlook the attraction.


Eight Irish novels among 2020 DUBLIN Literary Award longlist nominees

Eight novels from Ireland are among 156 books nominated by libraries around the world for the 2020 International DUBLIN Literary Award. With the winner receiving €100,000, the Award is the world's most valuable annual prize for a single work of fiction published in English. Nominations include 50 novels in translation with works nominated by libraries from 40 countries in Africa, Europe, Asia, the US & Canada, South America and Australia & New Zealand. Organised by Dublin City Council, the 2020 Award was launched today by Cllr. Mary Fitzpatrick, representing Lord Mayor Paul McAuliffe, Patron of the Award. Cllr. Fitzpatrick commended the Award for its promotion of excellence in world literature and the opportunity it provides to promote Irish writing internationally;


Venues: An insight into Dublin’s sporting stadia

It's almost a decade ago since Dublin was awarded the title of European Capital of Sport in 2010. Dublin is a city with a proud sporting heritage, with thousands of Dubliners making the pilgrimage to watch live sporting events in stadia across the capital most weekends. Sport has always been a form of entertainment that has sparked debate and excitement in the city’s pubs and even on its street corners. Given that the city of Dublin and its local communities are often defined by their proud sporting allegiances, visitors to the capital will be keen to know where to catch the best live sporting action and mix with the locals. Whether it's Gaelic football, football, rugby union or equestrian events, the following sporting arenas in Dublin are a metaphorical place of worship for many.