Visas, fees, travel, accommodation, course entry requirements… there’s plenty to think about before you make your study trip. But don’t panic – with a little bit of preparation you won’t have to deal with any surprises. This is your guide to all the various things you’ll need to deal with – both before you leave for Dublin and when you arrive.

Student Visas

Top FAQ's around what you need to study in Dublin, including Visa application, how to apply for a visa and costs.

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Tuition Fees

Dublin is a great place to study and its universities welcome students from across the world. But how much will your studies cost? Most universities and institutions of higher learning have at least two parts to their fee structure – tuition and the student contribution. Tuition covers your learning in class, while the student contribution covers student services and examinations. The maximum rate for the student contribution in 2018–2019 is €3,000. Fees are competitive, particularly when compared to those of universities in the UK, which are on average more than three times more expensive. In addition, many EU students may not have to pay any fees – please see below.

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