Dublin’s higher-education offering is amongst the best in Europe. The city’s heritage as a place of learning stretches back to the 16th century; since then Dublin’s students and teachers have pioneered advances in disciplines as diverse as medicine, atomic physics and literature. More recently the city’s educators have also excelled in the area of business, technology and digital innovation.

Top Universities includes four Dublin universities in its world ranking – the city itself features in its list of ‘best student cities’. Three Dublin universities currently appear in THE Young Universities listing. For opportunities to meet representatives from Irish colleges and universities, it’s worth checking out Education in Ireland’s website for events in your country.

Private colleges

In addition to Dublin’s publicly funded colleges, there are a number of private institutions which also provide higher level education. Dublin is also a popular choice for students who want to learn English; Ireland as a whole hosted almost 125,000 English-language students in 2016. College of Computing Technology (CCT) The College of Computing Technology offers students a wide range of courses. These are career-based and updated each year in line with changes and technological advances within the industry. Its campus is located in Dublin city centre. CCT is attended

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English Language Institutions

Dublin is a very popular place to learn English. The locals – who are clearly biased but not necessarily wrong – believe that they speak English better than anyone else does (including the English). Every type of course is on offer and many college options are available: it’s a good idea to spend some time working out which one is best for you. Long-established and internationally affiliated schools include Berlitz and Kaplan. Highly reputable third-level (tertiary) educational i

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