Ireland is internationally recognized for its impressive standards of education. Its capital city – which is also the English-speaking capital of the Eurozone – is fast emerging as a prominent education hub for overseas students.

Diploma, master’s and PhD courses are all available at Dublin’s leading universities, colleges and educational institutions. Its ‘high educational level’ is one of the top three ‘attractiveness factors for [Dublin’s] economy’ and a major contributor to its ranking at number 12 in the IMD World Competitiveness Rankings 2018. In the Legatum Prosperity Index 2018, Ireland ranks sixth.

Students are also attracted by its language (English), its culture (rich), its location (gateway to Europe), its environment (safe; green) and most of all, its people. The hospitality and genuine warmth of Dublin’s people is always mentioned by students as one of the most enriching parts of their time here; it makes a vital contribution to their experience of settling in and making the most of student life in the city.

Life in Dublin

Compact and easy to navigate; mild no matter the season; filled with history, energy and opportunity: there are a lot of reasons Dubliners love the Fair City. But if there’s one reason to move here, it has to be the people – we’re some of the friendliest in the world!

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Diverse Community

Over 17% (approximately 92,000) of Dublin’s population is made up of people originally from other countries, with the vast majority of these hailing from Poland, Romania, the UK, Brazil, Italy, Spain and France. This reflects figures in the rest of the country, with Polish people being the largest non-national group in Ireland. Some areas of Dublin are more densely internationally populated than others; for example, one in six residents of Fingal, on Dublin’s northside, is a non-Irish national, while that figure stands at a significant 29% in Saggart, on the southside. It’s no surprise that so many people are choosing to call Dublin home: Ireland is world r

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