Your qualifications from home may not be immediately recognised by Irish employers and educational institutions. Looking for work is difficult enough without being thwarted by incompatible qualifications, so it’s important that employers can understand your hard-won credentials.

Thankfully, there’s a process in place to help you compare your qualifications with the Irish equivalent. NARIC Ireland holds a database of over one thousand qualifications issued by institutions from around the world. Simply search the database, find your qualification and see how it compares to Irish awards. If your qualification is not listed, they can offer tailored advice.

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What can I earn in Dublin? A lot of factors will dictate what you will earn in Dublin, most of which come down to your personal circumstances: your industry, qualifications and experience. Figures from Eurostat show that salaries in Ireland are among the highest in Europe, despite a sharp reduction during the 2008-2013 recession. In November 2018 official figures indicated that the average wage in Ireland had increased by €1,188 over the past year. This brought the average wage in Ire

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Tax and social security

You will need a Personal Public Service number (PPS number) to work in Ireland. It’s a unique reference number that helps you to access social welfare and public services. Irish Tax and Customs use this number to register you for income tax. Your PPS number will help you to access: All social welfare services Free Travel Pass for people over 66 years of age Public health services, including the medical card and the Drugs Payment Scheme Child immunisation Schemes run by the

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